One, the company's vision: to create a machine Empire, cast the national brand.

Two, the company's mission: to be strong through the machine industry, for the benefit of commom people; to set up the ideal platform, achieve a better life.

Three, the enterprise spirit: solidarity, excellence.

Four, work style: keep its promise, refused to excuse, absolute obedience, perfect execution.

Fifth, the company's core values: with a high sense of responsibility and mission sense on their own responsible, responsible for the family, the staff responsible, accountable to the shareholders, in charge of the enterprise, the customer is responsible for, to socially responsible, responsible to the country.

Six, the company's core philosophy:

1 entrepreneurial philosophy: to build a platform to develop ambition, achievements in the present.

2 development idea: culture is the foundation, the strategy is the premise, the system is the guarantee, the implementation is the key.

3 business philosophy: people-oriented, with the times.

4 management idea: standard, high efficiency, study, innovation.

5 brand concept: brand creating value, value achievement wealth.

6 the concept of competition: shopping malls like a battlefield, when very careful; opponent of the enemy, we should learn from each other.

7 marketing idea: water is, work out measures to suit local conditions, situation, outmaneuver.

8 quality concept: quality is the cornerstone of the survival and development of the company.

9 service concept: business satisfaction, user comfort.

10 moral philosophy: to be a man, honesty should be the first word.

11 professional philosophy: do professional people, do professional things.

12. Philosophy: 1. The simple things well is not simple, ordinary things to do is extraordinary; (2) on the matter, Albert, Nissin high; third, detail decides success or failure; (4) only for find the way to success, not to find excuses for failure.

13 cooperation concept: to strengthen communication, a more understanding, understanding and mutual respect, less criticism, complaining.

14 people with the idea: have both ability and political integrity, to Germany for the first; as long as the gold will shine.

15 salary concept: the responsibility of the treatment, with the contribution of fixed remuneration.