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DATA: 2016-07-21

1, gasoline engine can not start or start difficult

1.1 and operating problems: switch according to "on", oil switch open to "on", close the choke (heat choke open), check the oil quantity

1.2, circuit:

A, spark plug; excessive carbon deposition, the need to clear the spark plug on the carbon deposition;

Spark plug electrode gap is too large or too small, adjust the gap, 0.6--0.8mm

Electrode wear, insulation porcelain fracture, damage or corrosion, direct replacement spark plug

B, the ignition device; if the spark plug is normal, check whether there is electricity, there are several kinds of circumstances led to

The ignition device is damaged, flywheel degaussing, one-way conduction is bad, oil sensor damage

1.3, oil circuit:

Gasoline in the oil tank are mixed with water, check the oil switch is smooth, the carburetor oil cup oil is deteriorated or long-term unused, then releasing the gasoline carburetor oil cup, carburetor orifice is blocked, cleaning the carburetor.

1.4, air intake system:

A, air filter: check air filter, if the dust is too much and blocked, into the air less, the proportion of air and fuel is small, too much fuel into the cylinder, causing the spark plug was flooded, can not normally start. Remove method: clean air filter, dry spark plug

B, valve: valve clearance is too large or too small to start due to difficult.

Methods: to adjust the valve clearance, the intake valve clearance is: 0.10--0.15;

Exhaust valve clearance: 0.15--0.20.

1.5, cylinder pressure is too low: the general is a place to close lax, there is the phenomenon of leakage

Exclude method: A, check the various binding surface (cylinder head and box binding surface, spark plug and cylinder head combination binding surface) is tight, whether the leakage of the sealing pad, etc.

B, piston ring wear serious, need to replace the piston ring

C, valve stuck phenomenon, usually to remove the valve on the product of carbon or directly more valve

1.6, exhaust system: check whether the internal muffler is too dirty or blocked