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Why the four-stroke petrol engine takes blue smoke

Date: 2017-04-20   Page view: 28595

Sometimes we will see the exhaust pipe of some four-stroke engine  has blue smoke emerge at work ,Why does this happen?

Take the blue smoke is actually caused by the engine burned oil.

    For four-stroke engines, oil and gasoline should be completely separated, although it is inevitable that there will be a small amount of oil to penetrate into the combustion chamber (that is, often said that the oil consumption), but if the exhaust to smoke blue smoke To the point, it must belong to the engine failure category.

let's look at from the engine structure, channeling oil in the end is due to which parts have a problem.

    In the piston head there are three rings, the above two is the air ring, used to ensure the cylinder and the piston airtight; the bottom one is the oil ring, used to scrap the adsorption of oil in the cylinder wall. The gas ring is simply a circle, but not a whole circle, there is a very small gap, one to facilitate the installation; the second is to reserve thermal expansion space. Just as the track in general, are a seam connection. Pistons on the two air ring openings are arranged in diagonal, this is the maximum to reduce the phenomenon of oil. But this gap after a long period of wear and tear, the openings will gradually become larger, this time the oil will leak from the two rings, leading to channeling oil. So in general, channeling oil is due to the engine to a certain number of years, or air ring has reached its service life. So the main culprit in the oil is because the piston head of the gas ring due to excessive wear and tear due to aging.

    The above is the most common reason to take blue smoke, usually appear in the old engine that use a long time.

If it is a new engine to appear to take the phenomenon of blue smoke, which is also the gas ring aging lead to oil it?

   In general, this possibility is very small, unless the assembly of the problem (or the engine before the oil has not run, resulting in piston ring wear), in general, the new engine air ring is not prone to problems. This situation may be too much oil, resulting in oil from the valve spring to the combustion chamber, resulting in burning oil.

    four-Stroke engine to take the blue smoke (burn oil) will lead to fuel injectors and coke in the cylinder. If it is due to the aging of the gas ring caused by the burning of oil, but also make the oil consumption too fast, if not check the oil habits, resulting in serious oil shortage, then there will be engine pull cylinder, causing the engine scrapped, so if your engine exhaust Blue smoke,Must not be taken lightly.

Therefore, if you see the engine to take the blue smoke, must be dealt with in a timely manner. First check whether the oil is added too much. If the amount of oil is appropriate or the engine oil, it is necessary to replace the engine piston ring or piston assembly.