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How to clean the air filter

Date: 2019-06-22   Page view: 35819

When working on a small gasoline engine, there is always mild or heavy dust in the surrounding air.


Don't underestimate these tiny dusts, their composition is harder than iron.


If it is sucked into the inside of the engine, the dust can quickly cause scratches on internal parts such as pistons and cylinders. Over time, the engine has problems such as carburetor blockage, burning oil, and pulling the cylinder.


The air filter is the dust maskof the engine. It filters out dust from the air and prevents dust from entering, avoiding the various engine problems that result.


The importance of air filters to the performance and longevity of the engine is self-evident. After purchasing a gasoline engine, the air filter must be regularly maintained and replaced.


There are three common engine filter cartridges: paper filter, pure sponge filter, and sponge/paper dual filter. Different filter cartridge maintenance methods vary.


How to properly maintain the air filter? Today we will talk about this issue.

                             1、Pure sponge filter maintenance


Some engines use a pure sponge filter: the entire filter is a sponge. The air filter of a pure sponge filter is used to stick and block dust particles by using a sponge that absorbs engine oil.


There must be an appropriate amount of oil in the pure sponge filter, otherwise the filtration effect will not be achieved. Therefore, if it is an air filter with a pure sponge filter, be sure to check and add oil to the pure sponge filter.


                     How to maintain a pure sponge filter

1. Disassemble the air filter cover and remove the pure sponge filter.

2. Wash the pure sponge filter in clean water.

3. Soak the pure sponge filter with clean engine oil. After soaking the filter element with oil, take out the filter element, and then firmly grasp the sponge filter element in a clean cloth and squeeze off the excess oil by force until there is no oil dripping. Otherwise, too much oil left will cause insufficient engine intake and black smoke.

4. Install the pure sponge cartridge back into place and install the air filter cover and secure it.



          2、Maintenance of sponge/paper double filter

The outer layer of the double air filter is a dry sponge (remember the dry sponge), and the inner layer is a paper filter. The outer layer of sponge acts as a primary filter.

                How to maintain a double air filter

1. Disassemble the air filter cover. Take out the double filter.
2. Remove the sponge filter from the double filter and separate the sponge filter from the paper filter.
3. The sponge filter can be cleaned and reused. Wash the pre-filter core in clean water. Then let it dry naturally. Never apply oil to the sponge cartridge in the double-layer filter.
4. Next remove the dust from the paper filter: Hold the paper filter and gently tap on the hard ground to shake off the surface dust and dirt. If the paper filter is dirty or damaged, replace it with a new one. Do not wash the paper filter with water.
5. Place the air-dried sponge filter on the paper filter.
6. Put the double filter element back in place. Install the air filter cover and secure it.

Well, Thees are the maintenance methods for pure sponge filter and sponge/paper double filter.In the next issue, we will focus on the maintenance of paper air filters.